Weddings are special moments that start coming to life long before the big day arrives. A Pre-Wedding Photo Session - or e-session - is used to portray just that: the couple in their natural essence. This photo shoot captures the bride and groom sharing the simplest moments that make them unique.

As a wedding photographer, I like to pay close attention to the bride and groom, and register their every moment. For this session, many couples choose a quiet place for privacy and intimacy, while others prefer an urban setting where they can let go and be themselves. 

This session is a great way to get to know the couple, their family and the way they feel about each other. Each photo opens them up a bit more, creating new types of connections. I personally love these types of sessions and recommend them to all couples. What do I do with all these photos? So many things! They usually serve as a preview of the wedding to come. Some couples share them on their social networks, or I publish them on my site. This is a way for family members and friends to be part of the experience, and to get to know the couple in a more intimate way. Another option is to create a photobook, where I have a say in the design and in a memory that will last forever.

What is a Trash the Dress?

A great excuse to have beautiful pictures with your couple. 

The wedding dress doesn’t have to be stored in a closet after the big day. It should be honored. How? With a Trash-the-Dress photo session, that’s how!

What does this imply? Well, this time-honored tradition is more focused on the bride and her dress, but shot in the style of fashion or glamour photography. I try to find interesting locations to shoot the couple from another perspective, contrasting the bride’s elegant dress with an environment that is out of place with it, without a care in the world.  

I guide the bride and groom, and their setting can be anything from a mesmerizing grassland or an old, abandoned building to a small lake or simply a forest filled with autumn leaves. Everything is valid, and this is the perfect end to your wedding. 

I always keep in mind that Pre-Wedding, Wedding or Trash-the-Dress photos will be the reminders that will last over time. I really enjoy these sessions: they’re fun, spontaneous, and the bride and groom love to go through these pictures later. I love that!

Would you like a more casual photo shoot with your beautiful dress and your loved one? Contact me! I work throughout the country and abroad. I’d love to meet you! To see a few of my Pre-Wedding or Trash photo sessions, please click here: Private Session and Trash Sessions.