Photobook example. 

How much do we value our memories?

I cover weddings from the very beginning so no detail is left behind and every part of it creates a whole picture. There’s no limit when it comes to the number of pictures I take. There are no secret or surprise fees. The best part? All the photos I capture are yours. Forever. 

I for one believe pictures are the only actual reminders that will last over time. You eat the food, you drink the drinks. The venue will be rented by another couple soon. The decorations might end up in the trash. But pictures have a special value: they’re the only material proof of all that. Of all your moments, memories and experiences together. And it will be yours forever.

Before hiring me, we go through a little interview where we meet each other, talk a lot and go over the different packages. Most packages include:

  • Pre-Wedding Session with the couple.
  • Me as your designated photographer. No substitutes.
  • Assistant photographers or additional cameras.
  • Photos from the moment your wedding preparations start.
  • High-resolution pictures with no watermarks.
  • Photobooks (also done abroad). 

Most photos are either emailed or delivered in person. Interested? Contact me and I will be all yours.

The basic package starts at $1000 Dol. and it includes a one-camera documentary/classic photo shoot of your wedding day. I give you a private link to download the final edited material in a digital format. I work throughout Argentina or in other countries, as you can see in some of my posts. This package does not include transportation costs if you’re outside my city.